We've had these Bitten Dressings on the past few Kroger Mega Events but now I have a couple of rebates that may entice you to try this product out.  Rather than paying the Kroger Mega Event pricing of $2.29, you'll pay $0.29 instead. All details below.

PLEASE NOTE: Kroger Cash Back is currently ONLY available on Kroger.com, NOT on the Kroger app. In order to find this page, head to Kroger and click the save button at the top of the page and scroll down to “Kroger Cash Back“.  You can “cash out” on your next shopping trip (cashier should notify you) or via PayPal ($20 minimum balance). It may take up to SEVEN days for your cash back savings to hit your account.

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Jeanne reid

August 8, 2019

How do you get the Kroger cash back a coupon?

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

August 8, 2019

You can learn all about Kroger Cash Back here --> http://www.krogerkrazy.com/a/myoLG


August 13, 2019

No Ibotta or Kroger rebate for me. :(