Let's ALL do some kind of happy dance because it's time to start stocking up for Halloween even more.  Right now we have a $1.99 sale price (when you buy 4 bags mix & match) of Mars, Hershey's, Nestle and Reese's Candy.  I have some deal scenarios for you below but I think you might want to get those coupons clipped!

You'll have until October 15th for this awesome sale!!

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Cathy Gibson

October 9, 201902:28 pm



October 7, 201907:13 pm

Isn't $2/3 equal to 66 cents per pack? Wouldn't that make them $1.33?


October 7, 201903:02 pm

I am not able to locate the Kroger digital coupon. Not a big deal because this is an awesome deal on candy! Stocking up for the trick or treaters today!

Betty Alexander

October 7, 201909:48 am

Good I need candy

Kathy Watson

October 7, 201908:05 am

Apparently there is a Nestle Catalina! I bought 2 Butterfinger, 1 baby Ruth and 1 snickers (so 3 Nestle products) and got a catalinaa for $1 off my next order. Curious, I then bought 2 Butterfinger, 1 baby Ruth and 1 100 grand (all 4 Nestle products) and got a catalina for $1.50 off my net order. BTW, Nestle candy is now Ferrara candy. The Catalina said "compliments of Ferrara"

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

October 7, 201909:24 am

Thank you so much, Kathy!! We are going to get this tested and posted ASAP!! :)