I have told you before but you need to know again – I (Kendra) loved using Comforts Advantage Formula for my daughter on her first year of life and have no regrets.  I wasn't able to breastfeed my baby and had to come up with a way to feed her and know that she was getting everything she needed to grow.  That's when I made the switch from Similac to Comforts and while I did that with no changes to my daughter's eating habits, I also saved a ton; at least $400.00 to be exact.

My girl got the proper nutrition and with research I found that Comforts Formula was made with quality ingredients and most importantly was made with Non-GMO ingredients, DHA, Vitamins & Choline to help support brain development. Now the new formula shown below is even closer to breast milk. Just like the national brands, Comforts has a formula to suit the needs of your baby.  Comforts Sensitivity and Comforts Advantage feature HMO, which means that they feature a human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), a prebiotic that helps establish beneficial bacteria for immune support. I fed her complete nutrition with no artificial growth hormones just like what Similac offers but at a fraction of the cost.  You know what I did with the leftover money?  I spent on items she needed and my bank account didn't suffer. Thank you, Comforts!

Right now and until November 5th, you'll need to make your way to Kroger because we have the Baby Aisle Event going on.  Both the Comforts Advantage and Sensitivity is included so you'll be able to save an additional $10.00 when you spend $40.00 on participating items.  We have two different $3.00 Ibotta rebates available.  With the Ibotta rebate, Kroger Cash Back and Kroger Baby Aisle Event Savings you'll pay as low as $9.49 for the HUGE canister. Be sure to also use your Kroger Plus Shoppers Loyalty Card which already offers over $400 in digital coupons. You'll be able to save even more at Kroger. Depending on which formula your baby uses, you're going to grab a great deal!  I would be more than happy to get this savings if I had a little baby again.


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