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Here is your Kroger Weekly Ad Preview

✅ November 13 – 19 (11/13 – 11/19)

Here you can view the Kroger Sales Ad. We will be entering the 2nd (and final) week of the Buy 10, Save $5 Kroger Mega Event. We have another 3-Day Weekend of Hot 5X Kroger Digital Coupon Deals (including $0.99 Huggies Wipes!) and much more!! We will have all the Kroger coupon matchups for you soon, but wanted to give you a sneak peek of the Kroger Weekly ad scan today!

To view the full Kroger ad and slow down the speed, simply click on any page of the ad and it will appear in full screen for you. You can then scroll through each page at your own pace, either by clicking the arrows on each side or using your keyboard arrow keys. You can also view these pages from this link.


Go HERE to see the current week’s Kroger Ad Scan and Coupon Matchups.

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November 11, 201909:44 am

Quite unusual to have an ipad but not a laptop. You can always skip the posts that have moving images. She makes a written list of items right before the new ad cycle starts anyway.


November 10, 201903:48 pm

It doesn’t work on my phone nor my I-pad. You’re right Mary...I’ll run out and get a computer.


November 10, 201911:15 am

If phones don't work for some reason, then use your computer. Like she said, you just need to click on the ad to stop the auto page swiping.


November 10, 201908:12 am

I thought the website was just so full of ads it couldn't load properly, yea this is ridiculous. I will not use this site at this rate. Sorry!

Jacqui Bird

November 9, 201907:59 pm

Katie. Please borrow a smart phone from someone and try to navigate your page here. It’s like it’s possessed. It jumps up and down and makes browsing impossible. And the new ad scan is useless. We all read the instructions. They don’t help. And photos of partial pages on google docs aren’t much more helpful. I’m sorry. It’s obvious how hard you guys work on this every day but the new improved version is making me nuts. Can we please go back to old and cruddy? Okay; I want to proof read my comments but the page is jumping up and down so fast I can’t see what I’m typing.


November 9, 201906:58 pm

It’s not just the ad preview....even while just typing a comment the page jumps all over the do you stop that?


November 9, 201904:06 pm

Hi ladies, not sure if you read the instructions on how look through the pages at your own pace, but as stated in the post you can also view it from this link. Hope that helps!


November 9, 201912:45 pm

Rita, you are so right..this new format is just crazy....may be time to look for a new site!

Rita Wilson

November 9, 201911:08 am

I really don't like this Kroger Krazy. It is too cumbersome and I keep thinking that I am missing something. Please return to normal