Check your email to see if you got a ‘Savings for You’ coupon for BONUS 200 Fuel Points on your next shopping trip.

The fuel points can be redeemed at both Kroger and Shell Gas Stations.  You’ll need to download the coupon right from your email and use by January 21st!  Let me know in the comments if you were a lucky bonus fuel points recipient!



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rebecca abney

January 10, 202007:12 pm

i can not imagine not getting one after all the money I spend at krogers..

Leticia Michelle

January 10, 202011:19 am

No I didn't get it

Helen Clark

January 9, 202012:25 pm

did the gas points 200 i downloaded add to my kroger gas account? unable to sign into kroger acct today


January 8, 202008:36 pm

No. Is this a regional thing? I'm in northern Indiana. None of my friends or family got any.


January 8, 202005:33 pm

I have it on my email but it won’t load to my card.

Johnny Green

January 8, 202003:51 pm

I did not get the email for the free 200 fuel points

Johnny Green

January 8, 202003:50 pm

I love shopping at Kroger’s. Great merchandise and fuel savings


January 8, 202001:39 pm

Wouldn't let me "load"


January 8, 202012:39 pm

Yes I got it and used it to fill up with Mid Grade gas in my trip out of town for my birthday!! It was a GREAT birthday gift!! Thank You Kroger!! #Jan3rd #CapricornsROCK

mary Claywell

January 8, 202012:18 pm

no could not find it


January 8, 202011:25 am

No I didn’t get 200 fuel point


January 8, 202010:08 am

I did not get it

Elizabeth Maiden

January 8, 202008:47 am

I haven’t received anything in my email from Kroger’s and I’ve been trying to get the 200 fuel points thank you in advance praying that I will be hearing from you soon thank you.


January 8, 202008:21 am

Didn't get it

Laura fluker

January 8, 202007:36 am

Didn’t get one

David stricker

January 8, 202007:26 am

Did not get mine


January 8, 202007:15 am

Did not get 200 fuel points offer.


January 8, 202004:50 am

Received an Email for a FREE 16 oz jar of Simple Truth Organic Peanut Butter but not one for the 200 Bonus fuel points.


January 8, 202012:08 am

Where is the link? Or did I miss it?

Sandra L Arteaga

January 7, 202011:28 pm

Would like 200 gas points

Jan crites

January 7, 202011:08 pm

Didn’t get

Roberta long

January 7, 202011:07 pm

Didn’t get it


January 7, 202011:06 pm

Super stoked! I got one!

Betty Kenney

January 7, 202010:52 pm

Did not get


January 7, 202010:37 pm

I got the email but could not get a coupon by clicking on anything on my email. What am I doing wrong????


January 7, 202010:34 pm

Nope, didn’t get anything . I’m in Tennessee

Pam Sperling

January 7, 202010:05 pm

I did not receive the 200 point gas coupon.


January 7, 202010:02 pm

I got one but I have to buy a Panera gift card for at least 15.00. I’ll take it! I eat at Panera frequently. Lol.


January 7, 202009:55 pm

I got it!!!!!

Kesha Smith

January 7, 202009:32 pm

No I didnt get the email

Jan Gitz

January 7, 202009:02 pm

I did not receive the 20” points on Shell gas! Could use it!


January 7, 202008:54 pm

I have it on my email but it won’t load to my card. No coupon in my email


January 7, 202008:51 pm

No. :-(


January 7, 202008:35 pm

I had the coupon. It gave me 200 points when I shopped today. Thanks Kroger:)

Becky dixon

January 7, 202008:26 pm

None for me

Judith Murray

January 7, 202008:10 pm

This is my new email for my

Kathy Boner

January 7, 202008:07 pm

No I didn't get it.

Mary Garcia

January 7, 202008:04 pm

Mine isn't in there


January 7, 202007:59 pm

No coupon in my email! :(

Patricia Shelley

January 7, 202007:53 pm

I got it

Michael thomas

January 7, 202007:38 pm

Still looking

Becky Edwards Weber

January 7, 202007:31 pm

I have it on my email but it won’t load to my card.

Tanisha Lundy

January 7, 202007:22 pm

I didn’t get the coupon

Bob Witt

January 7, 202007:18 pm

No I didn't get a bonus fuel points


January 7, 202007:10 pm

Do you have to be subscribed to their emails? I didnt get it.


January 7, 202007:03 pm

I got one!


January 7, 202006:57 pm

I haven't received the email but watching for it. Will update you if I do get the email.


January 7, 202006:56 pm

I don't find any record of getting this notice about 200 xtra bonus points????


January 7, 202006:06 pm

got it in georgia! thanks...


January 7, 202005:19 pm

So sad I didn't get one :-(


January 7, 202004:46 pm



January 7, 202003:09 pm

Got it, thanks.


January 7, 202002:49 pm

I got it!

Bonnie Cooper

January 7, 202001:48 pm

I got it, thanks for the heads up


January 7, 202001:43 pm

I couldn't find it

Kathy Simmons

January 7, 202001:38 pm

I got it. Thanks


January 7, 202001:32 pm

I got it