hefty slider bags kroger

There are currently no mainstream coupons available for Hefty Slider Bags, but I'm not even mad because this is a stock up price and it's so easy to do! Anyone can do it! Just purchase your mega items in multiples of 6 and these will all ring up for just $0.99 each!

Hefty Slider Bags Kroger Krazy

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Diana Coley

January 8, 2020

I am still learning.. if I buy 6 then will it be $3 (est)


January 9, 2020

Hey Diana! If you purchase 6 of this item then your total (final cost) would be $5.94 ($0.99 x 6). The $0.99 amount mentioned in this post is the cost after the Buy 6 Save $3 special is applied. You’ll notice the $0.99 amount in the red portion of the tags in the pictures (below the $1.49 Sale Price in yellow). That’s the “after” price (the price after the special is applied). I should note that you don’t have to purchase 6 of the exact same item to get the Buy 6 Save $3 deal. You can mix/match different products that have the “Buy 6 Save $3” tag (you just need to make sure that you have 6 items). For example, you could get 3 of this product (Hefty Sliders) and then 3 of another product that has the Buy 6 Save $3 tag (for example, you could get 3 of the Almond Breeze mentioned in another post). The 3 Hefty Sliders plus the 3 Almond Breeze would get you to the “Buy 6” requirement to save $3. I think that Kroger confuses folks with their Buy X Save X specials. People feel as though they have to buy X amount of the same exact product to get the deal. However, that is not the case. You can purchase any combination of products that have the tag/special. Hope this helps!