Now you can use your March fuel points until the end of May!

When you’re ready to refuel Kroger has you covered. We’re all driving a little less right now, and Kroger knows you might need some extra time to use your fuel points. I’m with you.

On May 2, any unused March fuel points will be added to your April balance and won’t expire until the end of May. So you can focus on what really matters now. We’ll make sure the fuel points you love are ready for you…when you’re ready for them.

When will my fuel points be rolled over?

Any unused March fuel points will be added to your April fuel point balance and available for use by May 2.

Can I still use my March fuel points before April 30?

Yes, you can use your March fuel points now. Any unused March fuel points as of April 30 will be added to your April fuel point balance and available for use by May 2.

Where can I see my available fuel point balance?

You can see your available fuel point balance online and at the bottom of every purchase receipt.

How can I verify that my fuel points have been rolled over?

On the fuel points balance page, in the April 2020 Fuel Points section, click “View Details” and scroll down to the Date of “4/30/2020”. The amount added will be equal to your ending March fuel point balance. You will see your new April total balance reflected on your receipt and in the mobile app.


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Leroy Smith

May 26, 202011:39 pm

I appreciate Kroger trying to help. Right on Kroger THANKS. Love your store.

Ed Hutson

May 26, 202005:01 pm

We wanted to use the March/April combined fuel points, but they never combined ours. I called and they said our March points had been ‘lost.’ Our card number is 435743569826.

Thomas Roberts

May 21, 202009:36 am

will the April left over fuel points be rolled over the May points I have about 2000 points for April Not able to use cause of the virus stay hone orders by the State of Tn. and not driving any if you can reply to my email. thank you a Kroger customer for more than 60 years

Debbie Carrasco

April 26, 202002:03 pm

Does this include Dillons on the gas points being extended until May 31st. Thank you.


April 28, 202002:12 pm

Yes. Go to and sign in to your account. Click on My Fuel Points, and it will tell you that the March Fuel Points carry over through May 31.


April 26, 202011:45 am

@Michelle, @Summer, @MayBe, the survey **is still there** on Kroger receipts: after the normal time/date at the bottom of the receipt (and prior to the number of rewards points earned), there is a bolded section that says "Leave feedback at" and includes the date, time, and entry ID still -- the information that you can enter to continue getting fuel points. It is just not as obvious as it used to be.


April 25, 202005:52 pm

I noticed they stopped offering surveys on the receipts for extra fuel points.


April 26, 202009:43 am

No fuel points survey, I noticed that too. Gkad they extended March to roll over to April. I think unused pts should always roll over.


April 26, 202001:07 am

I thought that too, but it’s still there! Look carefully below the date and time near the bottom of the receipt: the transaction number is STILL THERE, just not as obvious and makes for a shorter receipt.


April 25, 202010:54 pm

Right? not good. they don't have good deals too. considering that they are not "affected" (negatively) by this pandemic, but instead, sales i guess have gone up because of this crazy shopping going on, they should run their normal deals and continue to have those surveys on the receipts.