Checking my Kroger account made me SUPER duper happy because I have a Kroger Pickup Order placed.  Be sure to go in and check your Kroger Digital Coupons to see if you are lucky enough to get this coupon as well.  I know I keep saying this but saving money right now is more important than ever. Let me know in the comments if you got this, too!

I love Kroger Pickup and now I love it even more. I had a pickup last Saturday and have another planned for this Saturday. This order will include many of the items I’ll need for my Easter dinner so I am grateful for this coupon to help out some.

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Cheryl melton

April 15, 202010:36 am

No coupon found or received.

Viola Wright

April 13, 202012:52 pm

Did not receive a $5 coupon for grocery pick up

Gloria Beck

April 10, 202008:41 am

I clicked on the coupon and it sent me to digital coupons but it isn't on there.

Christine Palmer

April 9, 202004:44 pm

No it was not on my coupons. My Kroger has no charge for pick-ups right now. Maybe that' why.


April 9, 202004:07 pm


Laura Wintle

April 9, 202010:46 am

I got the $12 off 120

Eugene Wagner

April 9, 202009:01 am

Not sure?

Nancy L. Kowalski

April 9, 202008:23 am

No I haven't gotten it. Sure would like to as I am doing my first pick up tomorrow. Something new to me ordering groceries online.

Brenda Smith

April 9, 202007:19 am

No I did not get it. I have used 4 times and love it.

Patricia Tracy

April 9, 202006:37 am

No, didn't get it. And why is the info on this site I see on my desktop browser so different in content from the one I see on my phone? So confusing!!! At this time of HUGE stress over food supplies, this 'craziness' is insulting.

Henry C. Williams

April 8, 202009:28 pm

Great experience. First time we had used this was this past Sunday. Picked up and back home in 15 minutes.

Karen Penalva

April 8, 202007:59 pm

No, I didn't get it!


April 8, 202007:23 pm

Did not get it for my area!

Jaime Metcalf

April 8, 202007:21 pm

No, but I did get a $15 off $150


April 8, 202007:05 pm

No, did not get it.

Karen Martin

April 8, 202005:02 pm

Lucky you...none for me!!


April 8, 202003:18 pm

No I don’t have this coupon