Core Organic Hydration Beverages are on sale for $1.67 Kroger. We have a $2.50 Ibotta Rebate that make one bottle completely free plus you'll make a little moolah!  I love these drinks and I am happy to get mine! The peach mango is AMAZING!!

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May 20, 202008:03 pm

Mine are 2/$4 and Ibotta says I have to buy 2 :( but I got the free one last week!


May 20, 202007:10 pm

The rebate is for a 16.9 oz, and my 2 stores only have 18 oz.and don't qualify!

Kathryn K

May 24, 202003:46 am

at my Kroger the the larger (18 oz?) were in the beverage aisle. They are not the right size when scanned. The Kroger app lists the 16.9 oz on aisle 3 Natural & Organic, though it's actually larger. In my store there is a row of refrigerated cases along the last registers. I found the 16.9 oz ones there. The app didn't tell me they would be there.


May 24, 202007:17 pm

It looks to me that the 18oz version is actually a rebranded product in new packaging. The flavors of both sizes are the same and the retail price is the same before any store sales $2.49. The Core website shows the new "Core Organics" line which is 18oz but the 16.9oz "Core Organics Hydration" is discontinued. There a also few other Couponing sites that have taken a picture of the store shelf and you can see both the 16.9oz bottles of one flavor next to the 18oz bottle of another flavor. I have a ticket opened with Ibotta who will hopefully make it right.


May 20, 202006:07 pm

Do you have the UPC number mine is damaged and it will not scan.