Checking my Kroger account made me SUPER duper happy because I have a Kroger Pickup Order placed.  Be sure to go in and check your Kroger Digital Coupons to see if you are lucky enough to get this coupon as well.  I know I keep saying this but saving money right now is more important than ever. Let me know in the comments if you got this, too!

You can filter your coupons by ‘best customer bonus’ to see if you got this even faster.  Another great one I got was FREE Suave Shampoo. I can’t wait to pick up a bottle of the gold series!!


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Carol townley

May 5, 202008:04 pm

Did nôt get coupon

Joy Zeck

May 5, 202007:23 am

I did not get $5 off coupon, would have it been sent to me in mail or email?

debra young

May 5, 202010:16 am

Did not get coupon

Tabby Seger

May 4, 202009:28 pm

Thank you!


May 4, 202009:26 pm

I got a big $1 off my next shopping visit. Would have liked a nice freebie item but thanks kroger, better than nothing.


May 4, 202008:36 pm

Nope I didn’t get it neither. I haven’t gotten those Best Customer Bonus coupons in months & im in Kroger every day ‍♀️


May 4, 202006:48 pm

I got a free 64 oz Blue Diamond almond milk coupon

Linda Mulkins

May 4, 202006:05 pm

I received $7.00 off $70.00 in a single transaction.


May 4, 202004:30 pm

I had the Best Customer category for coupons in my app a few months ago but it has disappeared in the last month or so. So no I didn’t get it either.


May 4, 202003:04 pm

No best customer coupons for me either. With all the craziness surrounding the virus, I know at least the Dillon's stores have had a tough time with computer issues. Maybe we'll get it tomorrow. :)


May 4, 202012:33 pm

I spent over $10,000 at Kroger last year, and I didn't even get the $1 offer.


May 4, 202011:01 am

Interesting. I shop regularly for years. I got Best Customer Coupon of a whole 1$ on my next shopping trip.

Paula Joiner

May 4, 202009:53 am

I don't receive best customers coupons


May 4, 202009:27 am

I did not get this :(


May 4, 202009:17 am

I got $18 off $180. !!