P&G Everyday is not new to us and most of us have been using their site for many years. I am SUPER excited to introduce to you their brand NEW site called P&G Good Everyday. I am absolutely loving what it stands for. Its family of household brands are making a positive impact on our communities while supporting some causes that are important to us. With the P&G Good Everyday rewards program, we can work together to do more and use P&G’s global reach to help solve challenges around the world.

The goal of P&G Good Everyday is simple – to come together and do good.  This has always been important to me but going through difficult times right now, we are seeing more good and I love that P&G is really working on this within their corporation.  They are like us with families, friends and neighbors that count on them on a daily basis. They work to make products that make everyday life a little better for everyone. They truly do their best to be environmentally responsible and offer help those who need it.

Here is where P&G needs our help.  They have been doing good for over 180 years but imagine what we can do if we all work together!  Our jobs are simple though. We will just keep doing what we’re doing, like purchasing our favorite P&G branded items (there are so many) and they will turn these everyday actions into acts of good every day.  Keep scrolling so you can learn more. You’ll love this.

Let’s go do some good together.

Some of the great causes we can help are:

  • Feeding America: One action = One meal to someone in need
  • Matthew:25 Ministries: One action = the shipping of one personal protective equipment (PPE) or other disaster relief items
  • Always #EndPeriodPoverty: One action = one period product to a girl in need
  • Dawn Saves Wildlife – The Marine Mammal Center: One action = one dose of medicine for a sick sea lion pup
  • Dawn Saves Wildlife – The International Bird Rescue: One action = dish soap for the first bath of an oil-covered bird
  • Tide Loads of Hope: One action = detergent for one day of clean clothes to a person in need
  • Safeguard America: One action = one use of hand sanitizer for a frontline worker
  • Children’s Safe Drinking Water: One action = one day of clean water to someone in need

It really is EASY to earn rewards and make a difference with a favorite charity.  Start by going to P&G Good Everyday to sign up and select your preferred cause. If you previously had an account on the former site (P&G Everyday), then you can just use that login and password to access this new site.

From there you can start scanning receipts from almost any store (including Kroger) where you purchase P&G brand items.  You’ll have to scan your receipt within 15 days of purchase for the donation to be made.

After your receipt has been scanned, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your account has been credited. I submitted a receipt from purchasing some paper towels today and I received an email within a super short amount of time. As more go in, it may take longer.

BUT WAIT! There is more! (I hope you envisioned an infomercial there)

You can also take online surveys and earn points. Most of these are just 2-4 questions that will take you no time at all to complete. Now that’s my kind of survey! P&G will make a donation to your charity of choice and you can redeem your points on items such as gift cards, sweepstakes, experiences or making a larger donation to a charity you care about.

If you’re ready to join in and do good then let’s get started.  No matter what action you take on P&G Good Everyday, P&G will donate to your favorite cause so you can do good for the world, while earning rewards for yourself. How awesome is this? Do-Gooders UNITE!! 

Together we can make the world a better place.  I love P&G brand items and purchase them on almost every shopping trip.  Knowing what good will come out of me purchasing these items, I will definitely continue to do so. ##LetsDoMoreTogether

Post sponsored by Procter & Gamble. All opinions remain my own.

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June 19, 202011:24 pm

I tried to go on to the new P&G goodeveryday website. I cannot get in using my previous password, and when I hit forgot password it will not load anything. I tried signing up again and that did nothing. Has anyone else had trouble like this? I wanted to print the coupons as I had been doing.