Grab Taco Bell Sauces for JUST $0.50 at Kroger! The best part is we don't need a single coupon to snag this deal!

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May 17, 202005:48 am

#NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished (not participating in Indy market either, although tagged) Thursday: Used ScanBagNGo (SBG), buying two of these Taco Bell sauces Price of $1.99, or 99¢ with B5S5. Get home and notice I did not scan the sauces. Basically, I low-key stole them. Friday: Take sauces back to Kroger to 'purchase' them. I explain it to the customer service person, scan them in SBG, and then buy some more items. SBG randomly flagged my order for QC check, so employee had to scan everything even after I transferred the SBG order to the kiosk. It was pretty chaotic because they were extremely busy. Got home and realized the TB sauces did not ring up as B5S5. Saturday: I go back to store and explain that I did not get my $1 off on the two items Friday evening. Somebody had pulled the B5S5 tag earlier in the day, so they did not want to give me the refund. I also could not return the items because of the pandemic. Ultimately I tracked down one of the managers who helped me get the $2 back. (I guess doing the right thing isn't really 'a good deed', but just sayin')

Brenda Butler

May 15, 202001:40 pm

My store charged my $1.50. Not in mega sale here


May 14, 202007:40 pm

Only one product item was marked down and it was gone. All of the others were 2 for $3.


May 13, 202011:44 pm

This did not ring up as participating in my region, even though it was tagged (Lexington, Kentucky).


May 14, 202002:36 am

If they are tagged, but don't ring up as participating, they should honor it if you ask them to verify the tag. Any Kroger I have been to always honors the tags, even if they happen to be expired. You may have to do it manually, and perhaps after the fact, but they should honor it nonetheless.