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If you're a Downy snob (like me) or just enjoy a great deal on fabric softener, then you'll want to keep reading because this deal is GOOD. For the next 2 weeks Downy Liquid Fabric Softener (including Infusions and Wrinkle Guard) and Bounce Wrinkle Guard and Pet Hair & Lint Guard is on sale for $5.99.  On top of that great sale, we have a BIG FAT $3.00 Kroger Digital Coupon that will make THREE items ONLY $2.99 each.  Be sure to also cut your coupons from your 7/26 P&G Brandsaver because that $2.99 will help you get more for $3.99.  I am obsessed with Downy and Bounce products and they smell SOOOO good that I am going to fill my laundry room with a few before the sale ends.

Downy WrinkleGuard's powerful anti-wrinkle formula penetrates fibers to soften and relax fabric, improving the flexibility and resiliency of clothes. Better yet they still have the same Downy softness, freshness and power against stretching, fading and fuzz.  This really is important because if you're like me you have your favorite clothes that you like to wear over and over again.  I want them to still look new and Downy really does help with this. Kroger has a couple of varieties on their shelves in both the unscented and fresh.

Be sure to look for special displays of Downy Pet Hair & Lint Guard. You can use the $3 Kroger Digital Coupon to get this for just $2.99 as well. If you have pets this is a SUPER win for you!!

I can't forget about the Downy Infusions Liquid Fabric Softener because the two scents shown above; Lavender & Vanilla Bean and Birch Water & Botanicals smell amazingly fresh. The fabric softener does its job and more. Scent boosting fabric softener freshens and softens for comfy, great-smelling clothes. Vanilla bean is one of my most favorite scents and Downy did this right with the perfect blend.  Try the Calm and Refresh varieties and your laundry will be smelling so good. I know you're like me and excited to grab one for your laundry room.

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August 4, 202011:20 am

I love the Wrinkle one!!! I love my laundry to smell good, so I LOVE deals like this! Thank you!


August 10, 202003:17 pm

Downy is my FAVORITE smell ever! :)

Pamela Sutton

August 2, 202012:36 pm

I want coupon free downy fresh thanks

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

August 2, 202007:19 pm

Be sure and download it!! It's a limit 3 so get yours!! I love the dryer sheets!