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Karla Sherman

July 11, 202009:30 pm

Everytime I want to purchase the 4 for$10, you hardly EVER have the Diet Orange Sunkist soda. You do sell it, but never seem to have it in stock!!!! It's very irritating when it's usually the only item I come into the store for. None of the other grocery stores carry Sunkist products. Please bring the Diet Orange Sunkist back!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!


July 12, 202006:50 am

Hey Karla! You may want to send your item to Kroger through one of their Contact Us options (https://www.kroger.com/hc/help/contact-us). Kroger Krazy is an independent website that is not run/maintained by Kroger. Kroger Krazy is simply a site to make people aware of deals at Kroger. Hope this helps!