We have a really good deal on Tampico Orange Drinks (the one gallons) at Kroger right now. If you're already out grabbing what you need, I would definitely add this to my shopping list! These one gallon Tampico Orange Drinks will cost us just $0.49 and we don't even need a coupon!

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elizabeth miller

July 14, 202003:02 pm

can someone please tell me if the mega event sale items are identical from store to store nationwide? i went shopping sunday at a kroger in columbus ohio and this item and a few other that many have posted about being part of the mega event were not priced on shelf or register as being part of the mega event. i asked an associate at the customer service desk and they could not answer this for me. they simply said that if it isnt ringing up as part of the sale then it isnt part of the sale. lol, and said they were not sure about the items being identical at every store nationwide but that the items were identical here at local columbus stores. i have not had time to run over to another store to see if it is listed as a mega event item there or not. also when using the kroger app on my phone..... if i look at an item and the regular price is crossed out and another price is highlighted in a yellow bubble that doesnt necessarily mean that its a wyb 5+ item, correct? that just means its generally on sale? thank you for taking the time to read and offer any insight and advice anyone might have with my confusion. have a blessed day!