I have another freebie coming your way but this time on Bolt24.  If you download the FREE Kroger Digital Coupon you'll be able to save a buck at checkout AND have a drink for your ride home. That seems pretty fair to me!

Don't miss out on FREE Coca-Cola Energy, too!!

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August 25, 202005:45 am

Charged me tax. Not a huge issue, but rather odd. We get these FREE deals all the time, and this is the first time I have seen the coupon coded so it is not a "T" or "B". As a result, the tax doesn't get backed out. Curious if any of the rest of you who live in states with sales tax noticed the same thing.

Patricia Goff

August 19, 202010:29 am

I know some of us don't drink or eat some of these free foods but think about donating them to the food banks especially during these rough times. Some people are happy to get anything. I know a lot of people that did not get extra food stamps and have to feed their kids breakfast and lunch now that they are not going to school (home schooling) and prices have gone us also so their money doesn't go as far as it used to. Then there are the people that are only working part time cause the restaurants are not making as much money as they can only have limited people in there dining rooms. I always buy what is free or almost free and give it to neighbors or donate it to food banks.


August 20, 202005:05 pm

Patricia, I'm glad you made this comment, I would have never thought to do say this on here, but what great idea. I have been doing what you suggest (getting free or almost free items even though they might not be anything I would use) for years now and giving these to our local church charity who helps people in need in our community. I've told friends when they've said oh I'd never eat or drink that etc., what I do and they have all responded with, I never thought to do that but I will now. Thanks for getting the message out in such a public and wide audience manner.