RARE Produce Coupon for Kroger!!

I love, love, LOVE when we get produce coupons.  I spend SO much in that section so I am super excited to earn UNLIMITED $5.00 rewards on fresh produce purchases with Kroger card from August 9th -October 3rd. It looks like you can spend your overall amount in on or more transactions and Kroger will keep track of this for you!!

But I wanna know, now!! Did YOU get this coupon (looks like not everyone did) and what is your amount?  Let me know in the comments!  I’m off to shop for some produce because the coupon starts TODAY!!

If my link doesn’t work, search “produce”.

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September 22, 202002:53 am

I just found it on my receipt just now! I never noticed it before so I decided to look it up and found this! Mine says "earn $5 for every $25 spent on produce". And it tells me I have $24.78 towards my reward. So my question is, when do I get to use the reward?!


October 12, 202006:23 pm

I spent over 25 got one 5 reward. I think you have to buy 5 dollars worth of fresh produce and it will deduct 5


September 1, 202002:07 am

My receipt from pickup tonight says I have two $5 fresh rewards to be used. But I can’t see the rewards anywhere. It’s really confusing.


October 6, 202005:12 pm

I'm guessing that the rewards will automatically apply to next shopping trip after the promotion has ended. So far we have over $15 :)


August 20, 202001:41 pm

i have the coupon, have spent over $60 on produce in my last 3 trips, and it says I have earned $0.64 towards my reward. Obviously, something is messed up on their end. Customer service at the store has no idea what's going on either.


August 26, 202001:36 pm

Same for me. Spent over $80 for the past 2 weekends just on produce and my reward says I have earned $0.72. How's that for ridiculous? Talked to the store manager this past weekend, and he suggested I call customer service. So I'm the one who has to manage their broken coupon. I did end up writing Kroger customer service, and they suggested I call them about the issue with a case number they supplied. I ended up calling, spent over 25 minutes with the CSA going over my receipt, then she puts me on hold for about 20 minutes, only to end up disconnecting me. Needless to say I am not a happy customer.


August 16, 202002:20 pm

I got the 5 off 25. It doesn’t look like it tracked right either as I spent more than 25 but it’s tracking 16.40 for the trip. However below the tracking I also have notation you have 3 fresh $5 reward to use on your next shopping trip. Has anyone gotten and redeemed? Interested to know how it applies when redeeming does the reward show up as a coupon in our account? Thank u!


September 1, 202002:03 am

I also had a comment at the bottom of my receipt tonight at pickup. It says, “You have two $5 Fresh Rewards to use.” But how? How do we use them when we don’t have anything but the receipt as proof? I combed through my account and plus card app. I found nothing. It’s very confusing.


August 11, 202002:30 pm

Wow! In the photo above of Katie's Kroger, there is room for carts to pass each other. Lots of room to shop. I would love that in Atlanta!


August 10, 202003:57 pm

How do you get the produce coupon??? It doesn’t seem to work for me!

Mike c.

August 10, 202003:24 pm

No such coupon for me in middle TN.


August 10, 202002:19 pm

I didn't get the produce coupon. Darn! I'm in the Cincinnati market...

Brian D

August 10, 202001:00 pm

Just a note...if you are clicking on the link, make sure you are logged into your Kroger account when it takes you there. I was not logged in and it said. "Looks like the coupon is unavailable." When I logged in and did it again - Bingo! I got the coupon. $5 off $20 here.


August 10, 202012:03 pm

Got the $5 off $20 produce coupon (Dillons in Wichita) but like Arthur below, I have had problems with produce coupons at Dillons on multiple occasions. I guess we'll see how well this coupon does, as I buy a lot of produce.


August 10, 202011:42 am

No coupon here in Kansas!

Sharon stocksdale

August 10, 202011:39 am

I cannot get the produce coupon!

Brenda B

August 10, 202010:37 am

$5 off $20 in produce

Karen Cochran

August 10, 202010:33 am

Your link did not work. The link or coupon clip on the Kroger website did not work either.


August 10, 202009:59 am

I got it, but when I click on it, it says... coupon did not clip, please try again later (in Central Illinois)


August 10, 202009:33 am

Mine is $25. I didn't realize they kept track. LOL TY


August 10, 202008:08 am

No coupon in Virginia. :-(


August 10, 202003:31 am

Where would I find this awesome produce coupon?


August 10, 202001:09 am

I am distinctly UNDERWHELMED by how this coupon worked tonight: Bought $22.69 of stuff in produce department (4.49 Clementines, 10.60 plums, 5.17 nectarines, 1.07 Fuji apples, 0.96 red grapefruit, 0.40 sweet corn), yet bottom of receipt states: "Earn $5 for every $20 Spend on Produce. You have $6.84 towards your reward." Not only does this NOT even begin to match my actual purchase, but there is NO possible combination of the produce items that I did buy tonight that comes out to $6.84. I do not have a clue how they are applying this coupon.


August 9, 202011:56 pm

I did not receive it and I buy a ton of fruit.

Trakila Tribble

August 9, 202010:21 pm

I haven't got the coupon yet

Trakila Tribble

August 9, 202010:22 pm

I'm in Cincinnati Ohio


August 9, 202010:19 pm

didn't get the awesome/rare produce coupon, says no longer available.

Hope Ware

August 9, 202010:12 pm

No produce coupon on my card. Can I tell you how this makes absolutely NO sense to me? I am a whole food, plant based vegan. That means that 75% of everything I buy at Kroger is produce. That is not an exaggeration. Kroger is generally super at matching coupons to my buying habits, but they missed it this time. I'll check later this week, though. If it shows up in my account, I'll let you know.

Hope C Ware

August 9, 202010:14 pm

I should have added, I'm in Central Illinois. Maybe the coupon is regional.


August 9, 202010:08 pm

No luck for me or my best friend!

Lynn Gann

August 9, 202009:59 pm

I had it ....$5 off every $25 I spend ! Thanks so much for the heads up ! :)

Barbara Owens

August 9, 202009:48 pm

Did not receive coupon. Cedartown Georgia

Lynn Gann

August 9, 202010:01 pm

Sorry...I think I replied on your comment post instead of mine...so sorry !

Lynn Gann

August 9, 202010:00 pm

Forgot to add I am in Canton,Georgia

Julie J

August 9, 202009:39 pm

Nope in Houston & I didn’t get it


August 9, 202009:38 pm

I didn't get the coupon for Dillon's in Kansas.

Nancy Blair

August 9, 202009:11 pm

I got $2 off when you spend $10

Nancy Blair

August 9, 202009:18 pm

And the $5 off $25


August 9, 202008:45 pm

Nope, didn't get it. Link didn't work, searched produce, that didn't work either.

Jennifer B.

August 9, 202011:32 pm

Same for me as what Pamela posted. I'm in Louisiana.


August 9, 202008:33 pm

I didn’t get it. Malvern, AR


August 9, 202008:32 pm

I didn’t get it for Dillon’s in Kansas.

Penny Cothran

August 9, 202008:11 pm

The coupon is unavailable for me :(


August 9, 202007:54 pm

Yes! I got it, loaded it, $5!!!


August 9, 202007:47 pm

I didn’t get this coupon.


August 9, 202007:36 pm

I got $5.00 off 25. I am in Kentucky. So excited! I buy a LOT of produce. the Simple Truth line of products on produce. Thanks Kroger!!!

Marcia M

August 9, 202007:10 pm

I got $5 off $25 in Ohio. Yay!

Debra Behan

August 9, 202006:47 pm

This produce coupon is No Where To Be Found on my Kroger App. I typed in Produce, but No Results were Found... Now what do I do?

Teresa Whisman

August 9, 202005:35 pm

Not here in Houston, But I have been getting $2.00 off produce coupons with the prescriptions for months. You can only use one per transaction.


August 9, 202005:24 pm

I have it at Dillons in Kansas. Love it!


August 9, 202004:18 pm

$5.00 off 20 in Louisiana.


August 9, 202004:07 pm

$5 off $20 here in Indy. It will be interesting to see if they actually do a good job tracking this across multiple trips. Not sure I have done one like this. If others have, do they track properly?


August 9, 202004:02 pm

I was very dissapointed that I didn't receive the produce coupon. Maybe they are giving coupons to customers that spend a certain amount of money per month?


August 9, 202002:40 pm

Nope, nothing. :(


August 9, 202002:35 pm

Here in Colorado I got both the $5 reward for $20+ Produce purchase digital (exp 10/3) + a paper version of the $2 off $10+ Produce purchase (exp 9/6). The $5 reward one showed up last night; the paper $2 one came in the mail a couple of weeks ago (in a packet with a $3 off $15+ Meat/Seafood Purchase coupon and TWO $5 off $50+ Purchase coupons - each with different use periods and expiration dates). King Soopers (kroger affiliate here) also last week gave me a digital $5 off $50 coupon as well. Not sure while all the bounty at once, but it is really appreciated.

Donna Hudspeth

August 9, 202002:18 pm

No I didn’t get it.


August 9, 202002:18 pm

have this coupon in colorado

Trina Glenn

August 9, 202002:15 pm

I got it! Thank you!!