UPDATE: Looks like the Kroger Cash Back offer was removed shortly after we posted this. Fingers crossed it makes a return!! 🤞 🤞 🤞

I am LOVING, SUPER loving this deal on The Original Donut Shop 1 Step Latte.  We have yet ANOTHER rebate stack where you can get 4 boxes completely free PLUS make a little money.  All details are below but you don't want to miss out on this!!

Thanks Rick!

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August 19, 202008:16 pm

I checked Ibotta and they've removed Kroger as one of the available stores for the $4 cash back on these.


August 18, 202011:26 am

I got my 4 packages free on 8/13, last Thursday.


August 18, 202006:00 am

When I saw this deal i looked it up on my phone and it was in my Kroger Cash Back, by the the time I got to Krogers after work it was gone.


August 18, 202008:01 am

Same thing happened to me Rob! I was glad I checked before I went in the store as I sat in the parking lot because that would’ve been a big expense! It was about 2 hours later after loading it.


August 17, 202010:09 pm

I don’t have it in my account either.


August 17, 202006:13 pm

Can not find the Kroger cash back coupon for the donut shop coffee.


August 17, 202005:23 pm

Not on my cash back.


August 17, 202012:42 pm

I got this deal last week and the $16 back in my account. I don't know if Kroger does it or not, but do you know if they put the same cash backs up once you have used them?


August 17, 202012:25 pm

I am in Texas and I don't have it in my cash back. ;(


August 17, 202012:02 pm

I don't have it in my kroger cash back either :(


August 17, 202011:33 am

Hello! I am new to the Kroger cash back so in this deal I will be getting $16.00? How long does it take for the money to appear on my account?


August 18, 202008:03 am

It depends. I’ve had it load as quickly as 24 hours and some more like 5-7 days. If you purchase over the weekend it usually doesn’t load til after Monday. Usually you’ll notice the loaded deals will disappear immediately from your account after you make your purchase. You can always call Kroger customer service too if something doesn’t show up after a while.


August 17, 202011:29 am

This is not available in my Kroger Cash Back. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


August 17, 202011:28 pm

A lot of the time, you have to load deals up on your accounts fast otherwise they disappear. You have to be vigilant.


August 17, 202011:28 am

I don’t even have it in my cash back


August 17, 202011:07 am

Watch for your cash back as I had to call customer service to get my cash back. I did this deal last week