I love when we can try new products on the cheap on in this case for FREE. These packages of Nature's Eats Mixes are $5.99 at Kroger. We have an Ibotta and Kroger Cash Back stack available that will get you one bag for FREE!

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Bev Laucher

October 3, 202012:18 pm

How long is Nature's Eats Hearty Mix Balance Mix on sale for using Ibotta and Kroger's Cash Back to get it for free? Can you get more than one? Thanks! Bev Laucher


September 29, 202006:06 pm

Where did you find these in your store?


September 29, 202009:28 pm

They are by the bagged nuts in the produce area.

sun Lutz

September 29, 202005:44 pm

kcb is not working on this. you will have to call customer service

angela diaz

September 30, 202009:50 am

yeah is not working ....kroger cashback is not working lately by the way that trail mix is the bomb delicious