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Downy has a new item on the shelves at Kroger and I couldn't be more excited because I love laundry items. Clothes are exposed to a lot of damage in the washing machine such as stretching, fading and fuzzing. Downy DEFY Damage Total-Wash Conditioning Beads helps to protect your fabrics. From the first time you use this product you'll notice the damage protection as an elevated feel of your fabrics but with consistent use, you'll see that Downy DEFY protects the shape, color, and appearance of your favorite garments. Better yet, your clothes will become more resilient and comfortable! The new Downy DEFY is compatible with all washers, including HE washing machines. All you have to do is toss a scoop of laundry beads from the tub into your washer and start the load. The best part? Downy DEFY works with your favorite detergents and can be paired with scent beads and fabric softener for an extra boost.

I am SUPER excited to try this on my husband's work shirts (Kendra here). He wears the same logo shirts each week and we've noticed them starting to fade and stretch near the collar.  I have been waiting on a great Kroger deal to get me to add a container to my cart and it looks like my wait is up! We'll need to start by downloading the BIG FAT $3.00 Kroger Digital Coupon (limit 5 per transaction).  After coupon we'll be paying just $8.99 for this HUGE container of awesomeness.

Downy DEFY Damage Total-Wash Conditioning Beads:

  • Get total-wash protection, with consistent use, from stretching, fading and fuzzing with Downy DEFY Damage fabric softener beads.
  • Keeps clothes looking newer, longer (vs. detergent alone) when used over time, by protecting them from damage that can happen in every wash cycle.
  • Easy to use: Just scoop conditioning beads and toss in washing machine along with your favorite laundry detergent.
  • Compatible with top- and front-loading washing machines of all kinds and pairs well with detergents, scent beads, and fabric conditioners.
  • Fresh fabric conditioner softens and freshens with its light, breezy scent.

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