Ok you’ll want to head over and look in your Kroger account to see if you have this amazing coupon to download!! We have a Kroger Digital Coupon for 200 BONUS fuel points when you shop at Kroger from 10/18 – 11/3.  All you have to do is download the coupon, spend $50 and the bonus 200 points will be added to your account. How awesome is this??

Please note: NOT everyone will receive this coupon but maybe start by clicking THIS LINK or filtering your coupons by ‘Exclusive for You’.  Let us know in the comments if you got this coupon, too!!


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December 25, 202010:29 am

Shopped Kroger several days ago and spent over $50 and had coupon from newspaper. Cashier said couldn't use coupon from paper, had to download a coupon from your website. Didn't notice that it had restrictions.


October 29, 202001:07 pm

I have one for get 300 when I spend $35!

Karen Weber

October 29, 202010:48 am


Cody Curry

October 29, 202009:15 am

Thank you

Eugene Jarzab

October 29, 202012:04 am

Thois is the MOST DIFICULT way to get deals!!! Safeway/Albertsons in much EASIER to get the deals!!!!


October 28, 202007:01 pm

I got it. I went through your link and it came up. I do take advantage of their gift card offers where you get extra fuel points. I love this site and your helpful tips. I am a Georgia Kroger shopper. I can not do apps so I go online to do my krogering. Thanks again for your awesome help.


October 28, 202011:51 am

I didn't receive that coupon. However, I did end up with a Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream coupon for $0.99 each (up to three).


October 28, 202007:19 pm

Ditto - Thanks for mentioning it is good for 3 - I hadn't noticed! My teen boys will be thrilled!

Jaynie Laird

October 28, 202010:00 am

I do not understand how to get these Krazy Kroger coupons. They are not in the digital coupons on my app as I want the 200 pt gas coupon & can’t find it!


October 28, 202010:20 am

Not available on site or App either