Poise Pads and Liners will now be FREE at Kroger! I already told you about the coupons and Catalina but NOW an Ibotta Rebate showed up that will help us get some packs for FREE. If you love Poise then you KNOW this deal is so good.  Get your coupons ready, ibotta rebate downloaded and head out to grab this deal.

10/19 – 11/15 | Poise Products (Pads and Liners)
Buy (2) = $5.00 OYNO

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November 2, 202005:09 am

COUPONS.COM has reset for November, so you now should be able to print two more Poise MQs unless you downloaded them on 11/1. So the most you should end up paying is $1.58 for two even if ibotta does not reset. You have plenty of time to see if it resets though as items are regular price. Expiration dates are far off - $5 Cat (11/15) $2 MQ (11/16)

Sandra Silverio

October 31, 202002:44 am

I love Kroger help so much to everybody ❤️


October 30, 202006:29 pm

If you buy 4, does the Catalina print twice? Or should I do two separate transactions? My ibotta right now is $2 back on each pack up to 5 and I don’t know if it’ll come back as good.


November 2, 202004:30 am

Marjorie, you need to separate your transactions. I have never heard of Cats daisy-chainimg. Immediately after purchase, I still see a $2 off (any size) @ WM. Not sure if it resets @ Kroger. I also still show an offer for $1X5 on ultra thin and active collection (I used the other one) But, if you have FETCH, see if you have a POPUP (single use) for 1,000 pts ($1) as well. I can't recall but it may have been a WYB2.

Tabatha Bowdoin

November 1, 202004:46 pm

Kathy, I don’t remember two Catalinas printing back to back, tho I could be wrong. May be safer to do two different transactions. Ibotta will most likely reload the Poise deal a day or two after you redeem it.

Tabatha Bowdoin

November 1, 202004:46 pm

I’m sorry. I meant Marjorie

kathy webb

October 29, 202009:40 pm

Does anyone know if this Poise Catalina rolls? Thank you! Kathy


November 3, 202009:56 am

Kathy, did you find out? I have been wondering this as well.


October 29, 202009:28 pm

What is OYNO means?

Nichole Lites

October 29, 202009:54 pm

Guessing it means off your next order


October 29, 202010:52 pm

Yes. OYNO= off


October 29, 202010:53 pm

On your next order