Purex Crystals are in our Kroger Mega Event for $1.99! On top of that great sale we also have a limit 5 Ibotta Rebate for $1.00 off each one as well as a brand NEW $1.00 Kroger Cash Back Rebate.  Looks like you'll be getting five of these for FREE!

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October 16, 202008:46 am

No Kroger Cash Back offer.

Tess Fox

October 16, 202004:03 am

I have had a number of problems where the items that have a double rebate, making the item free do not come off simultaneously for KCB and ibotta. The problem is always on the KCB end of things where I won't receive the rebate :( So just beware if you are only getting this item because it's free :)


October 16, 202012:22 pm

I was just going through my kcb expecting to have some money there and found that I have this exact problem! Have you contacted them or done anything different since you noticed it?

Cheryl Counts

October 15, 202004:09 pm

Not on my KCB account.


October 15, 202011:06 am

This Kroger Cash Back offer is not in my account.


October 14, 202012:03 pm

My KCB shows "There are currently no items associated with this deal." when I click on the "Shop all items" tab. My store does carry this product. I'm wondering if it will still work. Many of my KCB offers are like this.

Aimee Levenski

October 14, 202009:17 pm

I could not find it on my KCB either. I did have one for .50 for the Purex detergent. Still .99 after the ibotta rebate isn't too bad.


October 14, 202008:24 am

can you get the cash back from a purchase you made the day before clipping the cash back offer

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

October 14, 202008:40 am

Sadly, you cannot. It has to be loaded before you shop. Lesson learned too many times over here :(