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I bet you've seen these cute tubs of Helper Mac & Cheese on the shelves at Kroger recently.  If not, they should be on your shelves by all the other macaroni and cheese products but you can't miss the red color.  I know that many of us are really rushed for time some days and convenience just wins over.  This gooey mac & cheese with bold flavors make this the perfect snack or lunch!  If you have 3 minutes and 30 seconds and some water, then you have time for this hot meal to be in front of you. These unique flavors are different than any other options on the shelves at Kroger and are sure to make you a bit excited and even more hungry.  I know that many of you have kids that are at home this year doing virtual or hybrid learning and you may be running out of ideas for snacks and lunches. That's where Helper Mac & Cheese comes into play. These containers are the perfect option and better yet, the older kids can even do this themselves. I have a five year old (Kendra here) that is obsessed with mac & cheese and she often takes some in her lunch to school (she's in school full-time).  I am excited to put some in my own pantry for those mornings when she is begging for mac & cheese!

You'll find three BOLD flavors to choose from at Kroger including three cheese, cheesy pizza and pepper jack queso. These large cups are super filling so let's bring some excitement to your everyday mac & cheese.

We have a sale price of $1.50 each for these BIG 2.6 oz containers of Helper Mac & Cheese at Kroger until December 6th. Be sure and add a few to your cart or Kroger Pickup Order next time you are shopping.  We don't have any coupons to match right now BUT with this great price and bigger containers, you're getting a great deal.

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