We LOVE to stock up on REAL butter around here! So we ALWAYS share this deal with everyone! Kroger brand Butter is going to be JUST $2.50!! This is a FANTASTIC deal!!! As soon as I'm done typing this I'm making a butter run!!

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Kathy Peach

December 25, 202007:24 pm

Did anyone else notice a difference in Kroger butter this Christmas? The quality of my fudge was not the same. And the butter took an extra long time to melt for Chex Mix. It seems to be less than it has been the past years. Could they have changed the recipe to make it cheaper?


October 30, 202006:47 pm

Im glad your so excited about this price of krog butter...but it is the same price it has been for well over a yr. I dont get it.


October 31, 202009:10 am

Maybe for you Kim but my butter is always $3.29 like the price tag on the pictures shown. So no, butter is not always $2.50 for well over a y(ea)r without a sale. Get it.

Rachelle Simmons

October 30, 202011:40 am

Butter at Smiths in Utah is $1.99 this week!

Rachelle Simmons

October 30, 202011:39 am

Butter is $1.99 this week at smiths in Utah.

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

October 30, 202002:11 pm

Oh, nice!! Lucky!