We've had these Taco Bell Cheddar Crisps on the shelves at Kroger for a while but I think this is the BEST price we have seen so far.  With our Ibotta and Kroger Cash Back Rebate stacks we will pay just $0.50 each for up to FIVE bags!!

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October 2, 202009:40 am

Great price. But am I the only one who thinks these are awful. My dog also wouldn't eat them, so I had to toss them.


October 2, 202005:09 pm

I agree with you Rick. The Taco Bell crisps did nothing to impress me (we also disliked their tortilla chips in a bag). Worst of the cheese crisps I have ever purchased. Not even at 50 cents.


October 5, 202008:38 pm

Every once in a while I do a skillet meal and end up burning the cheese and it is hardened. That is what these taste like to me. I'm sure others love the taste. I know I like things many don't after all. I love the tortilla chips but only in small doses. They are very harsh.