Check out these GREAT prices on Turkey Hill Ice Creams!! We have deals not only on the regular Turkey Hill, but ALSO on the All Natural varieties! Check out ALL of the details below!

If your store rings them up full price and zero and does NOT allow a coupon the free item:

If your store rings them up half price/half price OR if they allow a coupon on the free item:

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October 2, 202007:20 pm

My Kroger selling it for 4.99. Where are you from?


October 2, 202010:28 pm

This is often a problem as Kroger seems to have different sales in different regions. There are also some sales items on her ads that are not available in my area and are sometimes just a higher sales prices.


October 2, 202010:41 am

I love the ice cream


October 1, 202004:07 pm

Not sure if this is happening for others, but, the $0.75 off coupon ended up scanning as $1 off for me (even though the printed coupon says $0.75 off). I didn't complain!