I told you about this awesome deal on BiC Holiday Packs at Kroger a couple of days ago, but it just got a WHOLE LOT better! 

Here's the situation. These are on sale for $7.99 and we now have a new $4 Checkout51 Rebate that CAN be combined with the $4 Kroger Digital coupon I told you about! That will score you one for totally FREE! We also have a printable $3 BIC coupon to throw into the mix that will score you a couple more packs for ONLY $0.99 because the CK51 rebate is a limit 3! I have your step by step deal scenario below so keep scrollin'! You should find these in your holiday aisle at Kroger.

Checkout51 Bic Rebate

As you know, many Checkout51 rebates state that they cannot be combined with a coupon or other rebate, but this one DOES NOT. Even so, we wanted to test it on one pack first just to be certain! We used the $4 digital coupon and also had the $4 rebate loaded. And it worked…there's the proof ⬆️

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November 20, 202010:39 am

I've checked 6 Kroger stores around me and not one of them is carrying these. Hoping they start to carry them before the deal is gone!


November 19, 202012:50 pm

Checkout51 rejected my receipt also. Maybe Kendra submitted her rebate before C51 got wise to this scheme. I don't know anyone else that has gotten this deal.


November 18, 202010:17 pm

It’s funny because my friend tried it with coupons and they rejected hers as well. So I just did mine regular because I didn’t want to get rejected. But still an awesome deal at $3.99 each


November 18, 202001:50 pm

Checkout 51 rejected my rebate because of the digital coupon.

denise evanoff

November 19, 202010:49 am

Same. Checkout 51 rejected :(


November 18, 202001:55 pm

That's so weird! Kendra just tested this morning and already has the money in her account!