Update:  The Kroger Cash Back in no longer available to redeem.

FREE Snuggle Fabric Softener and Laundry Care at Kroger!!

You may want to stop what you're doing and check out this Snuggle Fabric deal that we have going on right now at Kroger.  You and I both love rebate stacks (Ibotta and Kroger Cash Back) so I'm making sure you are grabbing this deal as fast as you can.  These products aren't on sale right now but it's ok because with the rebates we will score.  I do have ONE big scenario for you where you buy (2) of each product (a total of 6) to get this for TOTALLY free after rebates so keep scrolling.

This sure makes doing laundry a bit more fun, right?  Just go with me, here!!

Deal Scenarios

If you do not want to buy all the Snuggle Items, your scenarios could look like this:

If you choose to do this in separate shopping trips, you could earn another $1 from Ibotta:

Submit for $1.00 Snuggle ibotta Bonus (when you redeem any 2 of the above offers from separate shopping trips) – Limit 1

Thanks Brenda and Patty!



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Tina Dudzik

November 30, 202005:34 pm

I have a question about the Kroger Cash Back program .... I just ran up to my Kroger affiliate, Fry's, and quickly did the Snuggle deal. However, I didn't understand the Kroger Cash Back part -- is that something that needs to be done BEFORE I purchase products?? I went to the service desk to ask about the program after my purchase and she pulled it up on my Fry's app -- but we couldn't find the Snuggle products anyway. Does Kroger only offer certain deals in select areas?


November 29, 202008:48 pm

Great! But these cash back offers don't exist in my Kroger cashback!


November 29, 202003:44 pm

No Snuggles coupons or cash back for me.

Cindy Jones

November 29, 202003:13 pm

No Snuggle Kroger cash back for me :(

Tasha from Arkansas

November 29, 202003:39 pm

Me neither:-(


November 29, 202003:52 pm

I had them. I keep five Kroger sessions active all the time. 1) Search for items 2) Clipped coupons 3) KCB - MY DEALS 4) ALL coupons scrolled all the way down 5) ALL KCB scrolled all the way down. That way I can do a CTRL+F search for things in the last two. Anyway, I had the Snuggle, but when I tried to clip it, it said it was no longer available. At the time I saw them a few days ago, I did not have any ibotta so I didn't think to clip the DQs. Dagnabit.