The Kroger Holiday Savings Bonus is BACK!

Shop for groceries to earn a Holiday Savings Bonus*! The more you shop, the more you earn.

First, shop November 18 – December 1 at any Kroger Co. Family of Stores. Then, redeem your Holiday Savings Bonus from in December 10 – 13 to save BIG on Apparel & Home purchase including housewares, toys, decor and more! Your Savings Bonus will be automatically added to your Shopper’s Card.

Here’s how much you’ll save:

• Spend $200-$399, get 20% OFF Apparel & Home purchase
• Spend $400 or more, get 40% OFF Apparel & Home purchase

Maximum savings in store is $300!

*Spending excludes: Electronics, DVDs, gift cards, mobile phones, fuel, alcohol, tobacco products, Pharmacy, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Fred Meyer Direct, services and items prohibited by law. Maximum savings is $300. Spending total is cumulative of all your purchases during this period.

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November 12, 202109:51 pm

is kroger going to have the holiday savings bonus this year


December 14, 202004:29 pm

Did my Kroger Holiday Bonus shopping at a local Pick and Save. Had the 40% off to work with. 20 items all qualified. Digital Chefman 8qt Electric Multi Cooker. Reg $149.99 Wohoo $73.99 - 40% $29.60 Final $44,39 + Tax (all items taxable) Perex 8qt measuring cup with cover Final $11.99 2nd Pyrex 50% off 4qt w/lid 15x11 ($16.99-$8.50-40%) $5.09 Final Black and Decker Coffee Maker Final $17.99, Presto Fry Daddy Final $17.99, Kellie Flatware50 piece Final $28.79, 3 oversized throws Reg $19.99 - 40% $11.99 -ecpn($4.00), $7.99, -40%, $4.80 each, Pillow Pad Tablet Stand, $14.99 Final another 10 item including 4 toys (donated to Toys for Tots), 2 aprons, 2 Garland tinsel, GB packer jigsaw puzzle, 1 qt Penzoil. Spent $218 Saving $254. The Wohoo I find interesting as well as the throws(the ecpn) and the Pyrex(BOGO 50%) MY card was full otherwise I would have also grabbed a set of cookware, some isotoner gloves and slippers, and perhaps a calendar or so.


December 14, 202004:00 pm

Totally disappointed in the Holiday Bonus Program. I was told by a cashier that I had earned a "30% off" bonus (which of course was not true). Also, no one seemed to know what products, other than groceries, were included/excluded from the program. I shopped last night thinking that I would get 30% off purchases, other than grocery (yet to be defined) items. Turns out all of my purchases did not qualify even for a 20% off discount and bought more that I usually would have purchased. Will not fall into this trap again. Shame on Kroger for such a "shady come on" program. Will not buy Kroger gift certificates in the future and considering shopping for groceries elsewhere.

Peggy File

December 13, 202002:41 pm

It looks like a bogus bonus to me. It does not state what it can be used for. I think Haggens is sounding better and better


December 13, 202008:42 am

Can you redeem more than once? If I used the % off the other day can i use it again today on more items?


December 12, 202009:41 pm

All Christmas seasonal items are also included.


December 12, 202009:28 pm

The information below the banner on this site mentions exclusions, but not all of them. Any food item is excluded as well except Christmas candy. To help people navigate the gray area, here are items I know applies. Home goods section which includes fryers, crock pots, coffee makers and things like that. Clothing, automotive isle, home isle with light bulbs/electrical cords. Anything in those isles are typically good. Batteries, furnace air filters, possibly tupper ware. The toy isle is also included. Hopefully this helps. Merry Christmas.


December 12, 202005:13 pm

It says right on the banner what it can be used on.


December 11, 202005:30 pm

Just found out the hard way of trying to use this 20% holiday bonus. NOWHERE on the receipt did it indicated or did it say it only applies to certain items and could not be used on groceries!! Even when we called the 800 # and asked specifically about it for food /groceries we were told yes !! Well nope jokes on you ! It’s not valid on that ! So I will not be shopping Kroger after this misleading information. I will also be letting social media know (Twitter Facebook Instagram) how misleading this was! I will use my fuel points and be done.

Tora T Knapp

December 10, 202002:37 pm

I did a huge shop. all the departments but toys and clothes. this coupon saved me only 6.00 on a tea kettle! NOT band aids, not shampoo, not cat litter, not laundry soap, not vitamins, not computer ink, not paper towels, not foil. I didn't expect everything to be covered under this coupon, but I thought more than toys, kitchen junk and clothes would be covered.


December 8, 202003:20 pm

Do you know if this has to be redeemed in stores or if it can be used online? Thank you.

Wanda Henry

December 7, 202008:54 pm

Can I use some of my 40 percent off on can goods, meat, laundry product's or any grocery products?

Trish Jefferson

December 6, 202003:14 pm

Can I use my discount with my pick up order or do I have to shop in store?

Sylvia Collins

December 5, 202008:38 pm

I would like to know where we go to shop for the things we can buy and just WHAT we can buy???


December 5, 202002:00 pm

I shop at both Fred Meyer and QFC. My bonus on the bottom of my QFC receipt is 40% but says it's only redeemable at QFC. They don't even have Home or Toys. Will I be able to use it at Fred Meyer?


December 4, 202009:46 am

I was disappointed to see there was no 50% this year. With all the money the grocery stores have been making with everyone buying and cooking at home, their profits are at an all time high. They had no reason to cut the 50% to 40% other than corporate greed. GAH. Shame Kroger. Maybe you can give that 10% to your hard working employees.


December 11, 202012:20 am

I have a family member who works for Kroger and the company has been very generous with employee bonuses throughout the pandemic, even down to part-time employees. I am impressed with the way the company has supported their essential workers.

Dave miller

December 3, 202006:59 pm

Since I have rewards posted on my receipt, do I still have "sign up"? Can I use the savings bonus on floral items? Must this be used for one item? Or on one order? What about subsequent purchases during the 12/10-12/13 period?


December 2, 202009:16 pm

"Your Holiday Savings Bonus will be loaded directly to your shoppers card." So will it also automatically take off 20% from a purchase, or do I have to ask it to apply it to a purchase?


December 1, 202002:31 pm

When it says and more. What is more. Shampoo? Paper products? Toothpaste? Gift packs? I've looked and looked and can not find a list anywhere. Thanks

Sharon McGinness

December 1, 202007:39 am

It would sure be a lot more helpful if this "bonus" could be applied to food purchases, ya know what I mean?

Sharon McGinness

December 1, 202007:30 am

Please explain how this "Hoiday Savings Bonus" is supposed to Kroger (Dillons) stores don't even carry "home and apparel" items, so I guess it's really just a bogus bonus, right??

Bob Duncan

November 22, 202012:09 pm

Every second you site wants me to signup for something. I hate it. Fire whos ever idea that was. trying to find out if I can cash in my 3 day holiday rewards more that one shopping time.


December 1, 202008:01 am

Good question. For this Holiday Rewards Bonus you can only cash it in ONCE.


November 28, 202006:37 pm

It clearly states your rewards balance on your reciept, it pays signing up, if its properly done you can save hundreds every month ;)