Poise Pads and Liners will now be FREE at Kroger! I already told you about the coupons and Catalina but NOW an Ibotta Rebate showed up that will help us get some packs for FREE. If you love Poise then you KNOW this deal is so good.  Get your coupons ready, ibotta rebate downloaded and head out to grab this deal.

10/19 – 11/15 | Poise Products (Pads and Liners)
Buy (2) = $5.00 OYNO

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November 5, 202007:50 am

On November 4, I purchased 4 Poise regular pads (not ultra thin etc.) on 2 separate transactions at 2 different registers and the Catalina did not print, It is not the Catalina machine either, disappointed!


November 8, 202010:10 pm

Contact Catalina - I bought 2 Poise Ultrathin packs and my Catalina did not print, but I submitted my info, they reviewed it, and are sending me my coupon. Hopefully the USPS gets it here before it expires!

Amy Williams

November 4, 202009:02 am

What if I buy 4 of these in 1 transaction? WIll I get 2 Catalinas for 5.00 off your next order or should I put them on 2 orders? Thanks


November 4, 202001:29 pm

Amy, You have to do two different transactions. This will save you out of pocket $ too. Use the catalina generated by the first transaction to pay for the second transaction. You then only have to pay $1.58 out of pocket on second transaction. Keep in mind, the ibotta rebate can only be used once, so couldn't use it on the second transaction unless you wait a few days and see if it comes back. HTH!


November 4, 202005:21 am

I've done the Poise deal a couple times. Catalina printed every time when bought the pink packages but did not print on the Ultra Thin or Active packages.

Amy eilliams

November 4, 202005:18 pm

I purchased the regular knots in the ultrathin in the Catalina did not print

Patricia Lavenz

November 3, 202004:00 pm

Awesome deal