This is one of my most favorite deals to pick up with this Kroger Mega Event.  I use so much Swanson Broth in my cooking so this deal is good.  We have a limit 1 Ibotta Rebate that is about to expire BUT the great news is we have a new $0.50/1 Swanson Broth coupon. That means 100% completely FREE!! Get your coupons clipped!!

Let's be honest though, who is ready for Swanson to go with pop top so we don't have to use our can opener anymore?  Sure not just ME!!

If you've already used your Ibotta Rebate:

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November 10, 202006:02 pm

the swanson (and campbell's soup) coupon that came in my paper/doorstore (cincy enquirer) had a bar code but no info on where to send the coupon for store reimbursement. It initially scanned but the cashier took it off saying they are not allowed to accept them without that info (my store has a very generous coupon policy, the cashier has worked there for years and typically covers the service desk and knows me personally).


November 11, 202010:09 pm

How strange it that??