UPDATE: Kroger Cash Back is no longer available to load.

Velveeta Shells & Cheese Box Dinners are going to be JUST $0.49 each at Kroger! Here's the deal! These are in our Kroger Mega Event for $2.49 and we have some rebates AND a Catalina!! Check out all of the details below!

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November 7, 202012:24 pm

KCB still not showing up for me. Check your product bonuses. If you have the 75¢ Velveeta Shells & Cheese bonus, it will end up being $9.96 less $3 cat less $3.75 ibotta = $3.21 for 4 (For those of you with an Aldi, if you haven't tried it, check out their Cheese Club Shells & Cheese - 12 oz; it is 99¢ here. It is very very god. My son prefers it to Velveeta. And while you are there, check out the RBC. If you don't know what it is, google it. If I were Oprah, it would be Oprah's favorite thing as some point)

Jamila Carter

November 6, 202007:10 pm

No Catalina for me in Cincinnati


November 5, 202009:38 pm

For the Velveeta offer you indicated as low as $.49 each the lowest I figured was $1.96 each with buying 4 with the Ibotta rebate and cash back. Not sure how you got .49 each


November 6, 202002:19 pm

Beth, we're factoring in the $3 you get back at checkout in the form of a Catalina (use like cash on anything in the store).


November 6, 202001:19 pm

You should receive a catalina at checkout for $3 off next purchase in store when buy 4 or more.pay $9.96 .get $3 catalina back plus $3 from ibotta and $2 from cashback. Total back is $8$


November 5, 202011:06 am

This Kroger cashback offer doesn’t not show up on my Kroger app. Also, is there a way to sort through the Kroger cashback offers without having to scroll through every one?

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

November 5, 202011:52 am

I've updated. It's been removed BUT finger's crossed it returns!!