all Laundry Detergent ONLY $0.49 with Kroger Mega Event!!

I have been telling you about these coupons for the last two days and NOW is the time to start using them.  If you have not printed your (2) all laundry coupons then get to printing before they disappear. These pacs and liquid will be ONLY $0.49 with our new Kroger Mega Event.


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December 3, 202008:56 am

My local Kroger does not accept a printed coupon off the internet for 75% of the value of an item! This is actually 76%, so they will not allow it! I also see it shows a limit of ONE PER TRANACTION, so beware if your store follows those rules as well.


December 2, 202012:45 pm

In Utah these coupons won’t work. Believe me I had everything exactly as it says. And a really helpful cashier and I saw the screen.


December 2, 202003:53 pm

Hey! I was able to use each printable coupon on the pod packages. (I'm in GA.) I'm not sure if this could have been the problem for you. However, the cashier needs to make sure that they cover up the encrypted serial number/barcode on the top right hand portion of coupons (just under the expiration date). If the scanner catches that barcode (instead of the barcode at the bottom), the machine will say that the coupon is not applicable and the cashier will hand it back. I learned from a cashier that they need to cover up that area (on the coupon) to make sure that the coupon scans correctly (i.e. only scans the barcode at the bottom).


December 3, 202011:04 am

Thank you for the tip. My coupons did not scan either, so I went back and had the cashier cover up the top barcode, and it scanned just fine.