My running list of current Kroger Catalinas has been updated. As you may already know, this list is kept current mostly by word of mouth as there is no official list published anywhere. I wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to send me the information you receive on these – and please keep them coming!!

If you receive a Catalina advertisement (not a catalina coupon!) at checkout that is not on my list, could you please let me know? Feel free to contact me by email. I prefer to have a picture of the Catalina advertisement accompany the email, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have the capabilities/technology.

A Catalina advertisement looks like this ^^^^^^

Aren’t sure how Kroger Catalinas work? Want to know what to do if you don’t receive a Catalina you were expecting? Read through THIS POST.

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December 30, 202010:52 am

I received the Equal alert yesterday and saw they have holiday boxes of 80 ct. for 10/$10 right now. They do NOT have Woo Hoo stickers on them (yet) do you think these will generate the Cat? I hope they still have some in a few days when the deal starts!


January 3, 202106:55 pm

I got the $1 Cat on the 99c holiday boxes of 80 Equal this morning! I was able to use the new $1.50/1 insert coupon on it as well. Hopefully it will roll and I can run another order tomorrow! *plus tried to claim $1 back on ibotta, but this box did not work. I sent a picture of the front to ibotta, since it does say ANY should work? Still waiting until they add the UPC in. Good Luck!

Donna Shadrake

December 29, 202010:25 pm

I haven’t gotten a Catalina advertisement or coupon in forever. How do I find out why I don’t get them anymore?