The Challenge Butter Ibotta Rebate (only a limit 1 though) has made a return so I wanted to make sure you knew about it. I purchased mine last Thursday and paid the $1.99 because the rebate was gone but still had my receipt on hand so I scanned it this morning and I got my $0.50 in my account within just a few minutes.  Did you know that you have 7 days to scan your receipts?

Be sure and pick up the rest of the deals you see below as well.  Today is the last day!

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December 8, 202001:37 pm

This q can only be used once right? I already used it to buy 2 (that's all they had left that day) so I can't use again to buy a 3rd one can I?


December 8, 202007:42 pm

Sometimes the self checkout workers have a set of the 'special' coupons such as the weekly digital 3X or the 3-day ones they used to have. They usually will scan theirs for you.

Erika Johnson

December 8, 202008:23 am

Also in most boxes there is a coupon for 55 cents off too.