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I hope you're ready for another amazing deal on Clairol Hair Color because I have one for you and it's perfect timing on my end because my gray hair is starting to show again (Kendra here)!! Clairol continues to be my go-to hair color and I love it. I was able to pick up a couple of boxes with the last sale but now it's time to get a couple (or more) additional boxes.

I do love going to the salon but most days I can't sacrifice the time that is needed.  I have tried all of the Clairol varieties mainly because I started to go gray a bit early in life (thanks Mom!) so I had to find a way to save some money and have my hair look good at the same time. Clairol to the rescue with their three main varieties; Permanent Root Touch-Up, Nice'n Easy and Natural Instincts.

It has been a little over three weeks for me and it's time to spend 10 minutes in the bathroom to remove my gray hairs.  I love this product so much and I love even more how cost effective it is.  My main problems lie on the sides of my head. Luckily the ergonomically engineered brush delivers salon quality application and no one can tell that I spent a fraction of what I would if I went to the salon. No roots, no grays, no trip to the salon. Do you like those benefits? My favorite is the 100% gray coverage.

Be on the lookout for the above coupon to print out at register.  You'll be able to use this coupon on your next transaction and hopefully another will pop out. Hair color never looked so good on you.

Here's the very BEST part.  Two varieties of hair color are part of our NEW Kroger Mega Event for $5.99 which is great BUT it's going to get better because we have coupons and available to use.  You'll want to know your final cost because you'll pay ONLY $3.49 for a box.  This price is SOOOOO good for Clairol Hair Color and I'm sure excited. I may even head out of my comfort zone of ‘color 5G' and choose a new color.

I have your deal scenarios below where you'll find where you can get your coupons and Catalina so keep on scrolling.  Disappointed? I think not, Kroger Krazies!!

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