If your store carries the Core Food Bar then pick one up at Kroger on your next trip.  You'll get this bar FREE when you submit for your $2.50 Ibotta rebate!

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Mellisa Tam

December 29, 202005:54 pm

seems like those coupons never work. Keep telling me promotion not available or item sold out.....

Mellisa Tam

December 29, 202005:48 pm

feel like those are not true, when I get $5 off for Johnson's baby holiday gift set and Aveeno gift set $4.99, now I get this $2.5 free Core Bar, but I just go to 4S Ranch Ralphs at San Diego California fill my prescription, they just told me all gift set were sold out before Christmas, now nothing available. Plus I still has that $50 grocery rewards after prescription transfer from Vons to Ralphs that they are not honor, keep telling me I need to bring them the actual coupon not digital.