Download a FREE coupon for Schweppes Zero Sugar Ginger Ale.  You’ll have until January 14th to use the coupon.  I’d download to today before it reaches its overall limit!

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Don H.

January 9, 202111:24 am

Don H -.I have the coupon but like others here I can't find the product at either the Suwanee GA or the Sugar Hill GA stores and have been back several times checking each with no luck. Additionally, the shelf at each store doesn't even have a price sticker where the product would be placed had the issue been a temporary "out of stock" situation.


January 8, 202106:44 pm

I live in the Jackson, Ms area. So far this item cannot be found in any of the local stores.

Donna Proctor

December 31, 202009:07 am

Schweppes not in Richmond, KY ;(


December 30, 202005:17 pm

Schweppes not carried in Madison, IN store either. Shame, it' hard to find.

Janet Wong

December 29, 202001:56 am

I don't know if it'll work for you, but I was just able to download it from the site. I live in East Texas. Maybe they're giving access to the coupon by section? Good Luck to you guys!

Rena Ball

December 28, 202011:03 pm

I got the coupon, but it doesn't show that the 2 stores that I shop at carry it, and one is the biggest Kroger in the state.

Stephanie M Coan

December 28, 202012:49 pm

To all those that are complaining about the Schweppes coupon, I just downloaded it to my card with no problems.


December 30, 202005:18 pm

I can load it to my card but my store doesn't have Schweppes. Kind of like a thanks for nothing


December 31, 202008:53 am

Who cares? It’s diet soda worth a buck or two that you probably won’t even like.


December 28, 202010:02 am

No Worky in dallas


December 28, 202010:01 am

No available


December 28, 202008:58 am

I have the coupon but can't find the product in the store :(

Kathleen Hernandez

December 28, 202011:55 am

I can't find it in the store also.


December 30, 202011:09 pm

Got the coupon but couldn't find it in the store today

Michelle Erp

December 28, 202008:31 am

No ginger ale coupon

Patricia J Tracy

December 28, 202006:58 am

No ginger ale coupon!! Ridiculously complicated site to read, anyway.

Donetta Bragg

December 28, 202012:46 am

Doesn’t show up in my app


December 27, 202011:04 pm

I have tried all day to download free ginger ale coupon And it won’t load

Valerie S Crider

December 27, 202009:31 pm

I have tried all day to download the coupon for the ginger ale and have been unsuccessful. Now it says no longer available. This stinks!


December 27, 202009:30 pm

No coupon.....what the hey?

Lifes a

December 27, 202009:24 pm

No coupon here

Vicki Sulpher

December 27, 202009:24 pm

Received KrogerJrazy email at 9:08 pm tonite (Sunday zDec 27th). Went to download Free Schweppes Zero Suger Ginger Ale coupon, no coupon available already ? It's only 9:23 pm.