FREE TRESemme Shampoo & Conditioner with Kroger Mega Event!!

I love talking FREE so I'm gonna get right at it with TRESemme!  We have a BIG FAT $5.00 of 2 TRESemme Kroger Digital Coupon that is NEW today. To make this deal FREE we have a limit 3 Ibotta Rebate that you can download as well.   How awesome is this??

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December 9, 202002:26 pm

Customer should refund the missing mega dollars off. I had this with several mega items also that had digi coups.


December 4, 202003:30 pm

My Kroger did not give me one of the items for $2.99 - they didn't take the $1.00 off even though it is marked as a Mega Event item on my receipt - I bought 9 items and they only took $1.00 off of 7 items - the other missing item was one of my Colgate toothpastes! Is this a new thing now? If you have a $5 off of 2 or $4 off of 2 they won't give you the Mega Sale price on both items? In either case the coupon did not exceed the price of any of the items.

Irene Hess

December 3, 202010:07 pm

It’s cool!!!


December 3, 202007:59 pm

For some reason, it didn't take the $1 for the mega sale off on the 2nd bottle. Had to get it refunded.


December 3, 202012:18 pm

Hi I have a question when it says wyb 5. Do you need to buy the 5 items the same or it can be other items that have same promotion Thank yku


December 3, 202012:33 pm

You can mix and match within the same promotion, Carmen.


December 3, 202008:21 am

So new to trying to learn how to use coupons. The store stickers say that when you buy five, you get the lower price. How do you do that above with the example that you gave for using the five dollar digital coupon and the Ibotta? It sounds like you’re only getting two? Thanks for any additional explanation!


December 3, 202008:38 am

Laura - you have to get at least 5 items included in the mega sale but not 5 of the shampoos, specifically. So look around the store (or this website) for other items that are included in the sale, even if they from entirely different departments. You can get 2 shampoos and 3 All laundry detergents for example.


December 3, 202009:38 am

Thank you Jake! Makes perfect sense. Heading into the store now!


December 3, 202012:51 pm

Don't forget, you can now get more than 5 items. It does not have to be in sets of 5. You can get 6, 7, 8 items. As long as you hit the 5 mark. Thanks Katie for your endless hard work saving us money.