I was pretty excited to wake up to this deal on Green Garden Freeze Dried Spices because I really do love them. Start by loading your (3) Ibotta Rebates and you'll be able to pick up three bottles completely free. Be sure and read through the scenarios below so you can get the correct ones.

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January 1, 202103:59 pm

Tons of complaints on Better Business Bureau about Ibotta. If you file a claim they will answer a lot faster then going through Ibotta.


January 1, 202111:13 am

Getting really tired of Ibotta pulling stuff unexpectedly so most of the time I verify just before going to register, and I submit the receipt before leaving store. (Also I have had 4 issues now with items that say i have X hours before rebate expires only to submit receipt and the offer can't be selected, so I no longer bother with items that state less than 1 day left on the offer.)

Regina L Greene

December 31, 202010:37 pm

I loaded all three offers yesterday. When I got ready to go to the store today, the offers were gone.

Mary E. Kilpatrick

December 31, 202005:29 pm

Not on our Ibotta either. We bought them but can not get the Ibotta refund!!

Tammy Clark

December 31, 202008:39 am

Not on my Ibotta either


December 30, 202009:52 pm

I don't have it on my Ibotta so sad.

Jacklyn M

December 30, 202009:47 pm

I haven’t seen these on iBotta the whole day ..


December 30, 202007:30 pm

I loaded the ibotta offers on all 3 items, 2 hours ago, just went to the store and it offers are gone.

Natalie B.

December 30, 202005:15 pm

I loaded the offer this morning (it said it had 2 days left) then I checked for another deal later in the day and it showed the same deal, however the 2 days left was changed to 2 hours left and now the offer is gone. Hopefully the rebate comes back!


December 31, 202012:03 am

That happened to me while at the store and the items in ny cart. The time dropped abd then gone. Never seen that before.

Mary Johonson

December 30, 202005:07 pm

why I don't see the offers you mentioned above?


December 30, 202003:10 pm

they are under the category produce. Or, just search green garden

nidhi Garg

December 30, 202004:34 pm

still no :). Thank you

Sherry Hall

December 30, 202002:15 pm

I don’t see these offers in my Ibotta account

nidhi Garg

December 30, 202001:26 pm

I don't see any of them in my ibotta app