Kroger has these Johnson's Gift Sets on the shelves and they are prices SUPER great.  I noticed a $5.00 Kroger Cash Back Offer available so I wanted to be sure and tell you about it. After you earn your cash back,  you'll pay as low as FREE!!

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January 1, 202107:24 pm

I GOT MY 2 CASH BACK OFFERS AVEENO AND J J got my Johnsons and Aveeno cash back offers Thank you

Erma Trainoir

December 31, 202007:42 pm

I did both the Aveeno and the Johnsons, For such a great offers, I later went ON MY COMPUTER to take a picture on my phone( in case of trouble) and both were gone THE TWO OFFERS DO NOT APPEAR, BUT THE 3 RD I did DOES FOR $1 OFF AFFRESH that did at the same time


December 30, 202004:59 pm

I bought this and saw the $5 cash back offer today. I sent to my shopping card, then went to Kroger, but the $5 cashback sent to my card did not come off. Anyone know if there is a delay?


December 29, 202007:15 am

Nope- no cash back offer for me


December 28, 202007:15 pm

No discount near my kroger