We have a great digital coupon to use for all the coffee lovers. Download your $0.40 Kroger Digital Coupon and pay just $1.39 per container. NOW I know the tags show you'll pay $1.59 BUT I tested the sale and coupon and the REAL price you'll pay is $1.39!!

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Michele Moore

December 18, 202010:04 am

Good morning Could you please explain to me, after I select a product and it goes on the list, will it be on my little plastic card now? And is deducted at register? I'm trying to figure out coupons on my phone , I'm old school, and I have a brain trama , so plz, if u could help! I'm so confused how to do Kroger's , i can't get them on card and tired if asking them for help, including the fuel points! Ugh! Never see at the pump what my receipts say! So I'm hoping this will help me save more than the ones I get in mail, oh can I use them along with these deals? I'm sorry I know this is t comment u were wanting on here, but I appreciate your help!


December 19, 202010:21 am

Hi Michele, you can load Kroger Digital Coupons from your Kroger account on a computer or by downloading the Kroger app to your phone. Then, just "clip" what coupons you want loaded to your card and they will come off automatically at checkout. When you click the boxes on my site all that is doing is creating a shopping list for you so you remember to purchase the items. You still need to load your coupons to your Kroger card. Hope that makes sense!