Kroger 12 Merry Days of Deals!

I told you about this new promotion called 12 Merry Days of Deals just a couple of days ago.  If you haven’t opted in for daily reminders, be sure and do so today so you won’t miss out.  (Text 12MERRY to 99894)

If you did NOT receive your text yesterday, when you text 12MERRY to 99894, reply Y or YES to get started.

Today we have a coupon for a 15% off Baking Items (Includes Baking Morsels, Flour, Oil, Pie Filling, Baking Mixes, Baking Nuts, or Bakeware) – unlimited use (12/12) ONLY! 

Coupon is Limit ONE within a single transaction. You do have to download this coupon and use TODAY at Kroger!

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Michele Moore

December 18, 202010:20 am

I k this is unavailable now but I couldn't figure out how to download. I have a brain trama and it's hard to think so plz explain to me . Ty and Merry Christmas GMA & Buster(service dog)


December 19, 202010:18 am

Hi Michele, just click the link to the coupon and you can then click "clip" and it will be loaded to your Kroger card. Just make sure you're logged into your account. The coupon automatically comes off at checkout.

Lillian Dalton

December 13, 202004:42 pm

12 merry99894 never received


December 14, 202004:33 pm

You have to text from your phone, not here.


December 12, 202007:00 pm



December 13, 202009:15 am

Your point, Brad?