Ritz Crispers Kroger Krazy

What if I told you you could get 10 boxes (yes, TEN) fo Ritz Cheese Crisps for TOTALLY FREE!?!?

UPDATE: Looks like the Kroger Cash Back offer has been pulled. Ibotta is still there for many of us, so 99¢ each – not bad!! 

Ritz Cheese Crisps are part of the Buy 5 or more, Save $1 each Kroger Mega Event for $1.99. Both the CHEDDAR flavor and FOUR CHEESE & HERB flavor have stackable ibotta and Kroger Cash Back rebates that will each give you a $1 back PER BOX for each flavor. That makes them totally free after rebates and the BEST news is that each of these are a limit 5! Math is hard, but that comes out to TEN boxes for FREE!

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December 4, 202011:19 am

on KCB I noticed it does not tell you anymore how many you can buy. how do you know how many. mine says a limit of one deal on all of them.


December 4, 202011:17 am

I still have KCB loaded on mine. but only 50 cents on ibotta.


December 3, 202004:12 pm

Middle TN does not have the Kroger Cash Back on this deal :(


December 2, 202010:00 pm

I have the ibotta but not KCB in texas :(


December 2, 202009:55 pm

Here in Westland, do not have

Jane Lloyd

December 2, 202009:52 pm

Not showing in Georgia either.


December 2, 202009:50 pm

I remember adding $1 back for the cheese on Ibotta, but now it's gone and replaced with $0.50 :(. At least I still have the $1 back for the herb kind so 5 freeish boxes isn't too bad

Sharon Wilhelmus

December 4, 202011:17 am

me too


December 2, 202006:59 pm

My Kroger cash back says limit 1??

Craig Q

December 2, 202003:52 pm

Here in Cincinnati, its 2.99 a box, looks like they will end up at .99 a box. Still, worth nabbing 5 at least, thanks!


December 2, 202001:13 pm

This rebate isn’t showing up in my Ibotta in Colorado.


December 2, 202004:36 pm

I don't have it in Colorado either! :(


December 2, 202012:40 pm

FYI - Utah has Smith's Kroger Brand and the crackers are not showing up on the ibotta app, but still $1.00 a box are great! Ibotta only has the rebate for the crackers at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Sams Club, winco, Albertson CVS Safeway and Rite Aid


December 2, 202012:16 pm

I already used the 1.00 ibotta it comes back as .50 only. These are good btw, my entire fam likes both flavors.


December 2, 202012:13 pm

I'm in Utah. The Ibotta rebate doesn't show this rebate at Smith's (Kroger) here☹️


December 2, 202012:32 pm

Same for Fry's in Arizona.