If you missed this Schweppes coupon a few days ago…IT’S BACK!!

Download a FREE coupon for Schweppes Zero Sugar Ginger Ale.  You’ll have until January 14th to use the coupon.  I’d download to today before it reaches its overall limit!

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December 29, 202007:48 pm

Per the website, only one Kroger near me carries this, but it's out of stock! :(


December 30, 202006:26 am

Which website was that?


December 29, 202004:02 pm

Tried 3 Kroger in Illinois and none carry it


December 29, 202008:46 am

I have the coupon but I haven't been able to find the free ginger ale in the store. Anyone else have this problem?


December 30, 202010:53 am

None in my store either!

Suz in OH

December 29, 202008:13 am

Thanks! I had missed it the first time.