We have one AWESOME price on Carnation Breakfast Essentials! We're going to get four of these boxes for as low as free! We have a regional price on these and when you scroll, you'll see these are actually on closeout, so fingers crossed yours are as well! Regardless of that, we have a great Catalina for $3.00 OYNO! That made everything above FREE thanks to that $0.75 sale price! WOOT WOOT!! It looks like the only one on closeout is the rich milk chocolate probiotics so head in to see if yours are too!!

12/28 – 1/24/21 | Carnation Breakfast Essentials Products
Buy (2) = $1.00 OYNO
Buy (3) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4+) = $3.00 OYNO

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January 8, 202108:25 am

Checked yesterday, no clearance at my store :(


January 8, 202103:44 pm

For me it was clearanced - 75 cents, but no catalina printed.


January 15, 202109:53 am

Oh! I went shopping today, and the $3 carnation catalina from Jan 8 printed!