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✅ It’s time to clean out those cupboards and cook from what you have!

I’m typically a very neat and orderly, type A person who thrives on organization, but I must admit…a few times a year my pantry and freezers get TOTALLY out of control. But I have a plan! I am going to challenge myself to plan all of my meals using ingredients I already have on hand. I came up with this idea because we are planning on a pantry remodel and I really don’t want to have to move all of this stuff to a different location for however many days/weeks it will take to complete this project.

Would you like to participate? I will be sharing daily updates here on the blog and sharing videos on my Instagram Stories and TikTok. I would love to see how you’re cooking from your pantry (stockpile) as well, so feel free to share your photos and meal plans here in the comments. There might be a prize at the end of this challenge, so if you are in fact participating, make sure you leave a comment and use the hashtag #pantrychallenge in your social media posts so we can follow each other’s progress!

Yesterday, I showed you in my Instagram Stories how I use up all of my veggie scraps to make homemade chicken stock. It was so much fun and I was able to free up a whole shelf in my freezer! Today I think I will be making ham & bean soup!

:: Guidelines

  • Plan the bulk of your meals based on what you already have on hand
  • Purchase ONLY fresh produce, bread, dairy and meat (if needed) to add freshness to each meal
  • Keep shopping the Kroger Must Do Deals to continue building your stockpile (afterall, we still never want to pay full price!)

I am so excited to see what meal ideas we all come up with and I’m even more excited to deplete the amount of items I’ll have to move! ha! I also cannot wait to see those “after” pictures. Here are my “before” pictures…

Katie Pantry1

Katie Freezer1



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I do not shop @ Walmart

January 6, 202110:42 pm

I would recommend storing yeast in refrigerator.

Lauren A Cox

January 6, 202112:25 pm

I'm in

Tammy Fleeman

January 5, 202105:45 pm

I'm in

Heidi Wagner

January 5, 202111:36 am

Definitely in!