It looks like this coupon is no longer available for download. Hope you got to it in time!

These Dole Fresh Takes Mini Meals look SO fresh and yummy.  Right now we have a brand new Kroger Digital Coupon that will make one of these completely FREE.  Be sure and get your coupon downloaded to your Kroger card.  There are actually a few varieties in store!

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January 1, 202106:32 pm

I found this coupon in my Kroger app early this morning, but when I tried multiple times to load it I got a message saying not available to clip at this time. Why have it there at all if it's not available to clip? I felt less bummed about it when I searched and found that the product isn't wven available in my area.

Liz Blunt

January 1, 202101:36 pm

Not available in the DFW/TX area.

Judy Meyer

January 1, 202111:05 am

This coupon is not available the website says.


January 1, 202111:05 am

No coupon for me. Product is available in my store.


January 1, 202110:56 am

No coupon for me either ‍♀️


January 1, 202110:35 am

Coupon not available for me either, but my store DOES have the product.


January 1, 202110:28 am

coupon not available

Suz in OH

January 1, 202109:12 am

Coupon not available for me but looks like item is not available in my local store.