Make sure to grab a few Freschetta Pizza items at Kroger! During our Kroger Digital Event, these pizzas are priced at $5.00. We have a limit 5 Digital, AND an ibotta Rebate for these making our final cost only $2.40 each! I absolutely LOVE these as a frozen pizza!

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January 16, 202102:33 pm

Thank you for the post but I found the ibotta rebate is only $1.1. This happened many times recently, i.e, the rebate values are always much less than the ones you posted. I am wondering if it because I have been using ibotta for about two years now. Thank you.


January 19, 202106:46 pm

Mary, the criteria ibotta uses to push deals to each user is proprietary, so it seems very random to us as users. However, I have found that if I have used an ibotta on a prior occasion for the same product, it often results in my offers being lower in the future. It may reset several times on one instance of the offer. But then the next time the offer is available, I have almost no $$ offered. I also assume the terms vary by manufacturer in:re how they allow subsequent purchases by the same users. So, basically, no way to know, but I figure chances go down if you have submitted offer before.


January 15, 202102:48 pm

I can buy 4 and get all 4 at $2.40 each, right? Both Kroger coupon and Ibotta are good for at least 4 pizzas.


January 19, 202106:41 pm

Yes, Maria.